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“Photography is a LOVE AFFAIR with LIFE”

- Burke Uzzle


The great outdoors is where my interest in photography started and where I will always get the most enjoyment. There is something about trying to capture the feeling of awe and amazement that I get in these glorious locations that drives me to get out there with the camera. That can be exploring the National Parks of North America, the Himalayas or closer to home in the UK.  Prints are available here.


The vast cityscapes of our planet are something I have begun a deeper exploration of more recently.  They're not always the first places you would expect to find beauty and yet I have found the man made environment can offer stunning vistas and ‘take your breath away’ moments of its own.  Living with London on my doorstep has obvious benefits but opportunities to explore further afield has also yielded some great moments.  Prints are available here.

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